Just wanted to point out 2 PSes with English degrees

Mr Albert Chua, Second Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from the University of East Anglia in Britain, and a Master’s in Public Administration degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Mr Benny Lim, Permanent Secretary (Home Affairs). Mr Lim holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.


Er how about everybody

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My lesson today: human rights

1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights


2. The story of human rights


3. Kakenya Ntaiya: a girl who demanded school


Encouragement that came my way today

"Dear Caleb,

Thanks for posting these poems by your students and also others. Reminds me of your GP lessons which I’ve always had a hard time with. I want to thank you for that. Now that I look back, I appreciate it much more (not that I didn’t appreciate it then).

I spend most of my late nights and mornings before I sleep and just as I wake up writing. It’s become a passion. Perhaps not creatively but it’s been a way to capture floating ephemeral objects in the cloud as they pass by your mind’s eyes.

I am working on a series of writings that I will hope to publish at some point. Maybe you can critique it again.

Anyway, really glad to see your passion in teaching. We need more of it in education. If you’re interested, I just wrote a 3-page e-mail argument why engineering education should change to my <subject> professor at <university> - a little more civilized than a rant.

Hope to catch up soon if I go back to SG again.

Take care,


Is God a mathematician? 

God is a mathematician! The mind of God is cosmic music - the music of strings resonating through eleven dimensions of hyperspace. That is the mind of God.

And how Augustine sees the true ends of education #teacherprayers

 Look down, O Lord God, and see patiently, as thou art wont to do, how diligently the sons of men observe the conventional rules of letters and syllables, taught them by those who learned their letters beforehand, while they neglect the eternal rules of everlasting salvation taught by thee.

St Augustine’s prayer for his education to be used for God’s purposes. Every believing teacher prays for this. #teacherprayers

 Let me come to love thee wholly, and grasp thy hand with my whole heart that thou mayest deliver me from every temptation, even unto the last. And thus, O Lord, my King and my God, may all things useful that I learned as a boy now be offered in thy service—let it be that for thy service I now speak and write and reckon. For when I was learning vain things, thou didst impose thy discipline upon me: and thou hast forgiven me my sin of delighting in those vanities. In those studies I learned many a useful word, but these might have been learned in matters not so vain; and surely that is the safe way for youths to walk in.

Bk 1, Ch XV, 24.

What access of information has done for the Modaic generation in spirituality and learning. 

Infographic from the book by a Barna researcher, entitled &#8216;You Lost Me&#8217;

What access of information has done for the Modaic generation in spirituality and learning.

Infographic from the book by a Barna researcher, entitled ‘You Lost Me’

"The result is real: The University of Texas denied Woodberry tenure. He then applied to 108 other schools. No U.S. institution offered him tenure. One Christian college interviewed him and made a tentative offer, but it did not make a formal offer. No other school invited him for an in-person interview or made him a job offer.

To get a job, Bob Woodberry last month moved nearly 10,000 miles. The National University of Singapore is giving him a 50 percent increase in salary, free housing for up to nine years, the first semester off, and $85,000 for his research.”